Thanks very much for all your help - we've loved using the hour car service, it is a fantastic community asset.

One of the best things about Hour Car is not having to
worry about a car parked outside our house that we need only very occasionally.  On the occasions that we do need one it's there; when we
don't, it's not just sitting there rusting away and not being used.

Richard Bunzl
Being part of  the Hour Car scheme has enabled me and my family to enjoy an abundance of memorable holidays, trips out and journeys to visit friends and relatives.
After having my car stolen over ten years ago, the idea of living without a car seemed somewhat daunting, but now ten years on I can't imagine
wanting the hassle.

Hour Car has provided all the advantages of using a car when public transport doesn't quite fit the bill, for holidays and high days, but without the burden and costs of car ownership and I do walk and go
by train a lot more, which must be better too.

Lucy Fisher
I was one of the people who joined early when I realised that I could use the Hour Car system conveniently and reliably for my work. 
I travel across the NW visiting community groups and I find I am able log on, book a car and pick it up without any hassle even when I am very busy.
In 6 years I have never had a problem which is a testament to this well-run and eco-friendly service.  Well done Kevin and the people who set it up!
Dave Hannay
I have been really impressed with how well organised and easy-to-use the organisation is, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Many thanks for all your hard work!
Christine Halsey
Joining Hour Car ended 15 years of personal car ownership and I've never once regretted making the decision.
Less hassle, less worry and yes, less cost too!
Jamie Johnson
Many thanks for the friendliest service imaginable. May you prosper and free the roads of more cars for a long time to come.
Denise Preston
If I need to I can hire a car at short notice and for a short period, and I know that it will be well maintained.
You put so much work and personal effort into ensuring that the Scheme runs smoothly and I'm sure I'm not the only member to appreciate that.
Trish Davie
The Scheme is great and runs like clockwork.
Keep up the good work.
Lisa Foggo
I've been a member of the Hour Car scheme for over 18 months now and have used the cars regularly for my mayoral duties. I no longer need a car at home and the scheme has saved me a fortune compared to owning and running my own car.
With a car at the church hall in Mytholmroyd it is even more convenient for me and my family. 
 I would recommend Hour Car to anyone either as a second car or, like me, as a cheap alternative to car ownership.
John Beacroft-Mitchell