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Installing low voltage lighting outdoors is a big-impact DIY project. Connect the gauge main wires to the transformer by stripping off 3/4 in. of insulation.
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Connecting lighting runs to the transformer:

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How to Install Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting in Your Yard

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How to install a Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformer - VOLT®

Expert Advice on Improving Your Home. Toolbox Calculators Budget Green Living. Today's Homeowner Full Episodes. Oak tree in yard at night with landscape lights. One wire gets connected to the Common Terminal labeled "COM" , the other wire connects to a Voltage Terminal the colored labels that say 12, 13, 14, etc.

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The correct Voltage Terminal is the one that results in an optimal voltage at the fixtures connected to that run. This is a Multi-Tap transformer, which means you can output at a variety of voltages to compensate for Voltage Drop see our learning area for more information on layouts and voltage drop. For example, if you have a long run of feet you may need to use the 15v Voltage Terminal in order to have 12v of power all the way out at the far away fixtures.

How to Put in Landscape Lighting

You can hook up multiple home runs to each and any of the terminals. For example, you may have 6 home runs, in which case you would have 6 wires in the same COM terminal and the other half of the wires go into the colored terminals. To connect a home run wire to the terminals, split the paired wire down the middle to separate the two wires and strip half an inch of insulation off each wire.

One end goes to the COM terminal, the other into a voltage terminal.

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Loosen the terminal screws small flat head screw driver and insert the wire into the terminal opening which is located at the bottom 90 degrees from the terminal screw facing the bottom of the transformer. Tighten screw to secure wire s. Low voltage wire does not have polarity, it does not matter which of the two wire connects to the Common Terminal and which to the Voltage Terminal, as long as one wire goes to each.

How to Install Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting in Your Yard | Today's Homeowner

Optional timers and photocells plug right into the transformer ports labeled and located inside the cabinet. It is easier to see and insert the wires into their terminals when the transformer is lying on the ground. Landscape Lighting Learning Center. Please enter the email address you use to sign in to your account and we will send to you a secure password reset link.