Song ji hyo still dating ceo 2014

Also, CEO [Baek Chang Joo] and Song Ji Hyo have maintained their manager- actor relations after parting ways as a couple two years ago.”.
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Posted 13 April - Yeah, shes dating the CEO of her agency since like He doesn't look that good to me. According to an episode in Running Man. On the episode on dramafever 85 I don't know the complete episode number song ji hyo tells Gary "I'm also single" at around the 1 hour 4 minute mark. I made an account just to say this. Lol I'm also not entirely sure if what SJH is saying is completely true in this episode but I'm just going to go with it since its all we have. This is the episode and these are the cast members: December 01, - The Number Race: Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Started by musicboxprincess , Feb 28 Go find another site, it's simple.

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Girl, if you're trying to curse me make sure I won't understand it. Me I'm just sitting there waiting for SM to tell us if Yunho is going to army after his drama or not and if Changmin will go with him So Baekyeon was staged to divert people's attention from this tax news that came out few days later.

PS why do people care so much about Baekhyun and Taeyeon dating its none of your business and they grown as people already they don't need you to tell them how to live their life. Why would they pay such a huge fee without any sort of tax evasion.

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They're obviously covering something up lol. Ever since the dating news was out, the only question in my mind is why did she open her car roof and they kiss just like that. An issue diversion for something big quickly came to mind when I saw that. Idk why but I think that the dating news was 'made to public' as a diversion to this tax matter.

Some asks “Why are Jihyo & Gary not dating in real life?”

SM marketing team is great. Sometimes I want to apply on SM for their marketing. I am amazed how they could market the idols. YG and JYP listening to all the shitstroms http: I agree with almost everything you said and your 'opinion on events' is pretty much on point. I'd only like to add re- GD's situation, that I see it more as YG taking GD's popularity for granted and knowing that he will sell well regardless of the promotional tactics. This allows him to be more experimental like you said this goes both ways-him having the ability to be more experimental with his music and him being used as the guinea pig by the agency Having said that I do not for one second think that YG provides anything but the best for him in terms of resources.

The quality of what he gets is almost always top-notch he is the golden boy after all just that the promotional execution can be more in terms of take-all-this-here-and-show-me-how-popular-you-are. In Taeyang's case I wholeheartedly agree with you again but the situ is a double edged sword isn't it? From his own admission the songs that he wanted to do were not that public friendly and him under performing with such material would have pretty much ensured that his next venture would be something totally removed from his personal taste.


Purely for selfish reasons I actually appreciate YG's involvement in the album. Whatever his other faults, he is a businessman who has a shrewd sense of what the public wants and gets it right on most occasions. If Taeyang were left to his own devices I'm afraid I wouldn't have loved the album as much as I do now cause for starters I don't think that ENL would be in there.

This is pure speculation but from all that I read I fell under the impression that ENL was added because YG didn't feel the material that was presented to him and wanted something with greater public appeal that showcased Taeyang's vocals. I also believe it was a last minute addition and done with that specific intent in mind a-la Crooked. You also brought-up something that a K-Netizen mentioned and I read that too.. And those tracks were the ones that Taeyand said were influenced by his love for Britpop.

LYTD grew on me a whole lot to the point that it's my third fave track on the album but the first time I heard it it didn't seem all that special and Let Go didn't leave any impression behind at all. I know this is my personal opinion and I get that these songs may be someone else's favs but a bunch of songs to this style would've made the album forgettable for me. So yea, selfishly I appreciate YG's input.

Totally agree with your interpretation of YG's statements.

Song Ji Hyo Reveals her rule of Dating - Lee Sun Gyun Says she Is Really Dependable

Been saying that myself. It's always nice to read thoughtful and insightful replies Yoo Byeong Eon is the de facto owner of Cheonghaejin Marine, the operator of the Sewol ferry, and after the tragedy, Yoo, his family, and related businesses started to receive suspicion and were investigated for corruption. JYP has denied receiving any illegal funds.

Such suspicious and investigations lead to a continuous drop in stock prices for the entertainment company, and the arrest of Yoo Byeong Ho on June 22 on suspicion of embezzlement dealt another blow. Following the arrest, JYP Ent. In early April before the Sewol tragedy, stocks were valued between Yoo Byeong Eon still evades arrest for more than a month, wanted on charges of embezzlement, negligence and tax evasion. Tax calculation is a really tricky part, miscalculation is not that rare.

SM could really have a miscalculation on their part since their revenue comes from different things like concert and others. Also to take note that SM does not operate in Korea, they have revenues from their international activities meaning SM have to use other tax rules and guidance. SMRookies gain fan because of good looks. They do have it down to a scientific formula They are quite proud of it. Thats exactly what fangirls want. Oppa is a little virgin. I would love for all the oppas to make a porn video and slap it in their face.

PLus the guy is in his 20's oppa aint no virgin. Well maybe the video I saw wasn't of high quality. It was just full of shadows and I couldn't make out anything. I saw a better quality video someone posted below. Anyway regardless of whether Yoochun touched that fan or not, I am pretty certain she did something to warrant it.

You seriously don't think Yoochun would just randomly strike out against a person as he was walking along? If he did, then where is the lawsuit against him for assault? There is no lawsuit because that fan started it by trying to touch him or actually touching him in some way, and what Yoochun did would be classified as justified self-defense. You touch, slap, or grope a stranger, chances are you are going to be retaliated upon and no court will feel sorry for you if you bring a claim for compensation to the court.

Who cares if you're a woman, the court doesn't give a damn. Try playing the "But I'm only a girl" game in court, it won't get you anywhere. You were stupid enough to even lay your paws on a stranger, don't complain about the consequences and don't upload doctored videos with loud smacking noises added to Youtube expecting the public's sympathy for your psycho sasaeng actions.

Gonna wake up one day and realize that everyone in the kpop industry is dating lol. YWCFTS made great impact, so did a whole bunch of other things, but they come and fade extremely fast. Its more about keeping a stream of good work that truly keeps the interest. Plus, celebrity endorsement is the worst in China, because most of the commercials are planned and filmed by local agencies that not only brings down and countrified the celebrity's image, but also cause controversial once a product quality issue came out.

All in all, its just bad business. Plus, the company that he is endorsing for is one of those huge conglomerates that are greatly entwined with the government. So yeah, canceling the contract might mean good image in Korea, but his effort made through all those shows and fan meetings in china is definitely tarnished because of this. I doubt that he can further progress in China after this incident Better just give up and focus more on actually making good movies and dramas in korea I can't stop smiling after read and listen that LOL so deal with it, so cool, I can't, I'm just happy now.

Is the Monday Couple Damaging Song Ji Hyo’s Career? | ReelRundown

The "reporters" that hunt down celebs for the likes of Dispatch and TMZ are usually either freelance photographers or stalkers at work. They collect picture evidence and then sell that to whichever company pays most. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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