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In Mauthe Clock began manufacturing its own spring. In a case . I guess is not too old but I´m curious about date and history.
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Previous Thread Next Thread. Apr 25, 1, 89 48 Pennsylvania Country Flag: My two Mauthe's below. Dave T likes this. Apr 7, 5, 2 0 Country Flag: Large Mauthe Wall Clock Heres one of mine. Apr 16, 99 0 0. This is thought to be a Mauthe, takes a no 11 key. Sounds a loud melodious Bim Bam.

I dont know if its a Mauthe clock, But it is a Mauthe movement. Probably not what you were expecting when asking for 'Mauthe' clocks! I would date this as a 's clock, reflecting that era's fascination with space travel. Called 'Atlanta' and signed to back 'F. Mauthe', it runs for at least 8 days. The art deco figure provides an attractive hanger but is otherwise unassociated! May 27, 1, 3 38 Female Ms. I only have two Mauthe clocks. One is this Delft china plate clock and the other a musical carriage alarm clock like new2clocks. Sep 12, 2 0 0. Any idea where I can get more info on this model?

I dont even know what is the model name Also, how much this thing can worth? Hi, Maxco, welcome to the message board. The style of your clock could date it anywhere from the 's to 's. We aren't allowed to give values on the board, but as a heirloom from your grandmother, it should be priceless to you. Look after it, and you can pass it on to your own grandchildren. Thanks harold for the reply, I appreciate! As a clock collector, you must have an idea which care or treatment to use on the wood finish? I suspect doing nothing is the best care It certainly looks well cared for.

Using waxes and stuff like pledge just builds up a film of dust and dirt. Mostly I am dealing with removing this kind of buildup. With a good starting finish like you have, a dry wipe is best. If you have a look on ebay, you can get an idea of what Westminster mantel clocks go for.

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That would give you a good ballpark idea of what yours is worth. Oct 27, 7 0 0. On the back plate there are printed numbers: It has case very similar to Gustav Becker model Dec 12, 0 0 Country Flag: Any idea about time frame for this clock movement. It also has the red Military numerals as well as the black numbers.

I do not have a picture of the movement handy Hello Colleagues, Does anyone of you interested in correct dating of Mouthe wall clocks? I was able to find that basically they used 7 different types of movements for wall clocks during mentioned period.

Tips to help you estimate the age and date of your antique clock.

I also have an approximate dating thoughts about them and I'm ready to share my knowledge with you guys. Joanie B likes this. Not sure if it is original to the case as there are a couple of wood riser blocks under the seat board that do not seem to match the rest of the woodwork. Steel painted dial is screwed to another plate that has posts that engage with the latches on the movement. Pull chain winding, wood pendulum rod with brass bob, 1 second. Nov 6, 0 0 Gainfully unemployed Port St. Lucie, Florida Country Flag: To OLED, et al. The encircled letters FMS appear on the back plate of the movement.

Also stamped on the back plate are DRP and N which stands for the pendulum leader and a device to control its range of movement. In addition the number appears both on the front and back plates. What might these numbers mean? The dial is celluloid and appears to be in great condition. Several responders to this board felt that the clock was manufactured between , but all concurred that the NAWCC library had little information about the model names and production dates of Mauthe clocks.

I took this advice, but it led to a dead end. His email address is w-pfaender[at]web. I hope that he and his staff will address your inquiries as well as mine. Please see the following photos. Mauthe V Regulator With a company as large as Mauthe, I have to wonder if the serial numbers have any significance. Is it possible they were just used to keep track of yearly production runs, and were reset each year? I believe that this is what the French likely did. The serial numbers we find don't appear to go high enough to account for the number of clocks that are out there.

Additional Mauthe Clocks This Mauthe grandfather or tall case clock was purchsed about two years ago. On the back plate of the movement are the symbols PL , which I believe is the pendulum length, PS 60, and serial no. There is no indication of a DRP no. There is also an etching of an eagle clutching a ring containing the letters "FMS," that I believe stands for Frederick Mauthe from Schwenningen.

The cathedral clock is a reproduction manufactured in the US by Danecker. However, it contains a movement made by the Mauthe Company. Greetings Ed and H arold, Movement showed by Ed is of the type being used from around to I guess more likely your clocks are from first half of that period. What about serial numbers, I agree that probably they have used year cicle or so, but this is under investigation now.

Thank you Ed for contacts Mauthe Musium, I'll try to call or write them. Hello colleagues, Here's preliminary FMS Mauthe logo dating table that was created using material that I have now in my library.

Mauthe Synchronuhr mit Schlagwerk

Just a few words about some logos: Numbers 2 and 3 were found on solid plated movements only; number 4, quite similar to number 3 - was found on the dial of Vienna-type clocks with American-type movement; number 5 - can be found solid plated movements, but most commonly on American-type movements dated ; numbers 6 and 7 were found on late s and early s movements and dials; numbers 8 and 9 - found on movements and dials starting from late s till late s.

Your research shows true scholarship since it is truly unfortunate that traditional information, i.

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Dear colleagues, if you have any information that could be helpful in our Mauthe research, please have it posted here. I mean Mauthe period advertisements, patent data, etc. Every minor detail could be important. Feb 27, 1 0 0. It was the only thing I had asked for. Unfortunately some of the wood at the top broke off during transit. Also the spring part of the Gong has broken off.

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I do have all the pieces of wood to re-glue. It was working fine before it got packaged. The markings are as follows: I was told it is from the 's and it was a wedding gift to a great-great aunt of mine. I live in Toronto, Canada and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a clock repair place that would be able to help me fix and restore this piece.

And if anyone knows why there is a piece of string attached to the movement in one of the pics? Thanks in advance, Klaus. Klaus, welcome to the message board. The piece of string is to trip the strike, to correct it. I am in Whitby, if you want someone to look at your clock for you. Email me at; heyjude rogers. Antique German wooden wall clock by Friedrich Mauthe Schwenningen in excellent running and chiming condition. The case has a unique and nice form. There is a chip on the bottom right corner trim and considerable wear and scratches to the finish.

Clock is in excellent working condition. See photos for finish wear. Nice clock to display. This beautiful clock is approx. The clock is not working. It most likely just needs cleaning. Sold as-is for parts or repair. It's in great working order and in cosmetically excellent condition. Has beautiful 3 bar chimes and two keys for winding. Has a high gloss wood finish. The back has a few scratches where it attached t Would make a great gift or keep for yourself! Movement is signed kriegs mod but I believe mage by Mauthe.

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The back of the amazing ornate wooden case says Christof Flieger Uhrmacher, Please Frederick Mauthe and Sons. I have a very nice looking and running clock for sale. Other features of the clock include a brass bezel and glass cover that display a white face with black Arabic numbers and hands with a brass center that has an embossed floral design and two key arbor Antique German Mauthe chiming wall clock.

Has pendulum and key. The case is 23" by 13" wide.