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If you're looking for someone to change your life, you're in luck. That person is YOU! As I mentioned in an earlier post today, life is short. It's up to you to make.
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In restaurants she'll bolt after an attractive woman headed for the bathroom.

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She has nabbed strangers on the street, in lobbies, elevators, and bars. Her first question is always the same: I'm relentless, tenacious, and obnoxious," says Spindel, whose words fire fast and clipped, with a hint of Jersey to them. She calls matchmaking "the second oldest profession" and says she is a firm believer in marriage. Her parents recently celebrated their 65th anniversary, and she met her own husband 25 years ago. In fact, she wrote a book about it: She gets rid of the caller in a New York second.

She'll waive the fee if you bring in five "attractive" girlfriends for a group consult. The women then enter her database of potential wives. Pretty in red and pink This labor of love operates out of a sunny studio apartment on Manhattan's upper east side, next to another apartment she shares with her husband, Allen, who teaches physical education and martial arts.

[TF2] 200% Serious Competitive TF2 ft. broKING

They have two daughters, ages 21 and 8. The studio is done in pinks and reds. Disco, her frisky Shih Tzu , sports tiny red-and-pink ribbons on her ears. Spindel is meticulously turned out in a black-and-white Chanel pantsuit, her naturally curly hair freshly blown out. And she's constantly going on breakfast, lunch, and dinner "dates" with her clients, to see how they act. The man must pick the restaurant and pay for the meal, over which he will be grilled like the rib eye on the menu.

Spindel also notes how the men treat her: Now Jeremy is ready for the next step: The woman must be from the Boston or Providence areas. But the star of the show, Jeremy, will be nowhere in sight. Like her other clients, he won't be identified for an obvious reason: He doesn't want anyone to know he has resorted to this. Spindel's clients insist on anonymity.

He's a-DOR-able," she says, stressing the middle syllable. Everyone would know who he is. So if he's so a-DOR-able -- not to mention rich -- why does he have to pay big bucks to find a woman? Is he a loser? Spindel shoots a killer look. Something made her finally resign from her job. There are all kinds of diet formulae everywhere! Jamiee Newberry is a professional experimenter, writer and keynote speaker. She has been onTV for the past 18 years already.

Today we are here with a serial entrepreneur!

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Patrice Tanaka started not just one or two HR marketing agencies but three! After 35 years working you would think when retirement comes around that you should take it easy, right? She went on to start a consultancy called The Joyful Planet Consultancy. The Joyful Planet Consultancy Today we are going to talk about a topic that will make an impression on you. Jennifer Gefsky is a broad on a mission to empower women that are re-entering the workforce. Today we have one of the most innovative broads in the history of retail: Maxine is the founder of Build-A-Bear!

You can pick from a variety of options, you can name the bear, get a birth certificate and put a un Everyone needs a Mom. Maybe not YOUR Mom, but everyone needs motherly advice at some point, without the judgment you may get from your own Mom. We are going to go on a wild ride with a badass professional writer broad. According to her incredible bio, she has won some big fat awards for her work. Get ready to meet Laura Belgray! Where did the name Talking Shrimp come from? How did she get her start? Dying a slow death in a soul-sucking cubicle job, with no hope for the future.

But all that changed through a series of unbelievable circumstances. Today we are going to meet a serial entrepreneur who built not one but two consumer companies from the ground up! You may not know her name right away you certainly know her mark.

A True Family Business

Joan Barnes is the founder of Gymboree, an international franchise of play programs and company-owned retail stores. We will talk about the other company during our i Whether today is your first time tuning in or you have been with me all year long: Thank you for listening! But she has a dirty little secret and she is going to share it with us! What is her dirty littl Heather Havenwood is an author, business coach, a podcaster, and I could go on and on. Listen to the episode as Heather shares: The five-year-old event marketing company with a social conscience.

In just 5 short years Agent of Change has produced approximately 50 million dollars for various charities! What was the inspiration behind Agent of Change? Was there a business plan Today we are here with a broad that has been called a spiritual revolutionary, a modern day guru and the oracle of all things mystically glam!

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She believes in the power of Kale and crystals, Jen founded the company in and her line has evolved from one simple V-necked T-shirt to a premiere apparel business found in boutiques around the world. Her apparel is distinguished b Laura Roeder is the founder of Edgar, a social media automation tool designed to prevent social media content from going to waste by recycling the content stored in its library according to some parameters that you set up. This show is for all the Broads with a Bump! Christine Deehring created Bump Boxes to take the guesswork out of choosing the best pregnancy products for you and your bump.

Their team of experts has researched, vetted and approved every p Want to work 20 to 25 hours a week and still make the big bucks? Of course, her hours were not always that good. You have to work hard to get to that point. Susie uses her skillsin marketing and building businesses to help other women and smallbusiness get ahead Sarah was working her way up in the corporate world when shehad a massive seizure! Doctors say that the seizure was caused byexhaustion and stress.

Should You Hire Janis & Carly Spindel? [Matchmaker Reviews]

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