This is a small city car with only 4 seats. There is plenty of room in front for even large people seated in comfort and moderate room for two in the back. A quiet and relaxing drive low on road noise with a decent radio/CD player.

The Auris uses fuel very frugally but does not skimp on room and power. It is a very capable and comfortable car, effortless to drive long distances. It drives as an automatic and has room for 5 passengers including driver and a fair bit of luggage space. The drive is very smooth and quiet.

Refill with petrol.

This is our largest vehicle with plenty of room for 5 adults. You can, very easily, fold the back seats forward to get masses of space. This is one of the greenest and most economical large petrol estates on the market due to its state-of-the-art 3 cylinder Renault engine.

This is a small car that drives surprisingly well and has more room than you would think. You can get 5 adults in, but the middle one in the back might be a little cramped. It is a basic edition so the driver will have to find the energy to unlock and wind windows down by hand. This is another of our cars that uses LPG as well as petrol, but this involves no extra hassle. When the LPG runs it out it reverts to petrol without you even knowing. If you can't fill with LPG (cheaper and greener) then simply fill with petrol. The spare is in the boot as its usual space is taken up with the LPG tank. If you need space for luggage etc you can take the spare out - you still have a tyre inflatin kit as back up.

This car is based in Mytholmroyd.


This is a car with surprising amounts of inside room and can fit 5 full sized adults. It is a tight and nimble drive. We have added an LPG (liquid petroleum gas) tank to this car to reduce its carbon footprint and make it super-economical. When the LPG is empty it goes on to use petrol without the driver knowing, or having to do, anything. You can refill with LPG or with petrol. The spare tyre is in the bootspace as the usual place is taken up by the LPG tank. However, it can be left out as there is also a tyre inflation kit for emergencies.

This car is based in Todmorden.