Why Should I Join?
Reduce your transport costs.
You can save thousands of pounds a year compared to owning a car.. Members pay according to how long they have a car and how far they drive.
Talk to Hour Car and we will help you work out whether you will save money.
Convenient, No Hassle Car Use .
A car when you want one without the hassle of repairs, insurance or overnight parking . You can use Hour Car as your second vehicle so that your family has two cars when it needs. Use a car for as little as half an hour or as long as you want. There is a special reduced rate for a week's usage.
Choice of Vehicles.
A range of vehicles of different sizes and types to suit your needs, whether you want to pop around the corner, get a chair from Ikea or visit your Aunt in Scotland.
All our cars run on petrol, but the Fabia can also use LPG and the Auris has a hybrid engine with a battery drive to help make the engine more efficient.
A Practical Green Alternative.
If you want to reduce your Carbon footprint then Hour Car is a real alternative. Our members use cars efficiently because they pay by use and they use public transport where that is a better option.
With Hour Car you can use a small, low emission vehicle for your everyday use; then have a larger vehicle when you need one.
Friendly, Reliable Service
At Hour Car we pride ourselves on the personal service we offer. Our prime aim is to offer a service to the Community, not to make a big profit. We ar not a one-size fits-all organisation but try to be flexible enough to meet your needs.
Go to the Testimonials page to read what our Members think about us.
What will it Cost?
£120 per year for the first member of a household or business, then £60 for each subsequent member. Or you can pay £12 (£6.00) per month by Standing Order. There is a one-off joining fee of £25.

Membership Fees Summary
Annual Fee
Or Pay Monthly
Joining Fee
 (first member)
 (next member)
 (first member)
 (next member)

Car Usage.
£3.50 per hour for the first three hours, then £2.00 per hour.
The rate for any period up to 24 hours is capped at £30.00.
The rate for a week (7 x 24 hours) is capped at £160.
The mileage rate is based on the cost of fuel. When petrol pump prices average £1.20 it is 18p. You do not pay for any fuel you put in.
For long mileages over 140 miles per day or 400 miles per multi-day trip You can pay for the fuel yourself - provided there is at least as much fuel as at the start of the journey there will be no mileage charge.

Usage Fees Summary
Rate per hour
Day Rate (24 hours)
Week rate
Mileage Rate
 First 3 hours
 after 3 hours
 First Day
following days
7 x 24 hrs
based on fuel price
around 21p

Can I join?
You must live or work in the area and fit the Insurance criteria.
You have to be over 21 and have had a license for more than a year.
For further information go to The Small Print page.
How to Join.
Simply arrange an appointment at Hour Car, weekdays up to 2pm are best but we can make special arrangements outside these times.
You will need to bring with you:
  • Driving license – both parts
  • Driving license details obtained online - bring your NI number for this.
  • Further photo ID, such as passport
  • Two proofs of address, such as utility bills or bank statements,
  • Payment or bank details for Standing Order Mandate
The joining process and induction on how to use Hour Car takes about an hour, and it may take up to a week for your insurance clearance to come through. Then you can book and use all Hour Car vehicles.